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Our passion project turned business

Lindies Kitchen

Lindies Kitchen is very close to our hearts, because it’s our other cannabis-related business. We make all sorts of cannabis edibles, from gummies to baked goods to tinctures. Don’t be surprised if you see a collaboration or two with some Morrisville vendors soon!

Stay tuned as we build out our brand and presence. In the meantime, stop in the shop for some great treats!

Lindies Kitchen Logo

A shop exclusive!

High Brix Cannabis Vermont

High Brix Cannabis Vermont is an awesome grower who consistently produces top-shelf flower, and we feel very lucky to have a special relationship with them. Lamoille County Cannabis has a special partnership with High Brix Cannabis Vermont, giving us access to their full line of cannabis cultivars and products. They use live soil methods and sustainable farming practices to hit the mark every time with their amazing genetics. Stop by our shop and check them out today!

High Brix Cannabis Logo

Lamoille County Grower of Connoisseur Cannabis

Forbin's Finest

Our friends at Forbin’s Finest grow some really good cannabis, and we are very happy to have their flower on our shelves. They have been in the Lamoille County area for a long time, and their strain library is amazing. With the more than 20 years of knowledge they have in both the growing and curing processes (do the math, or learn more about Nick’s story on their site), we know you’ll be happy to try some of Forbin’s Finest cannabis.

Forbins Finest Shield Logo

Outstanding Indoor to be enjoyed indoors or outdoors!

Green River Cannabis Company

Green River Cannabis Company grows outstanding indoor cannabis, and we feel lucky to be one of the few dispensaries in the state to be able to carry their flower. Check our menu page for more information on the strains we have from them.

Green River Cannabis Company Logo

100% Renewable Indoor Grower & Producer

Tall Truck Cannabis

Located in Northern Vermont, Tall Truck has been doing their thing for a while. We really like their flower, cartridges, gummies, and tincture, and we think you will too! We also like their athlete partnerships, and enjoy their Instagram feed quite a bit.

Tall Truck Cannabis Logo

Nick and Ashley grow some killer cannabis!

Emerald Visions

With 20-some years of experience, Emerald Visions has been in and out legal growing before finally becoming a self-funded tier-1 indoor cultivator. Their cultivar selection is bonkers, and they glass cure everything to get the best terpene yields possible.


A distributor dedicated to supporting Vermont-owned business

Northern Craft Cannabis

We couldn’t have said it better, so there it is from their website:

“On paper, Northern Craft Cannabis is a wholesale distribution company. In practice, we are a community. We are that of which we are made; Northern Craft CannabisĀ isĀ the community of cultivators, chocolatiers, extractors, educators, retailers we seek to connect. We exist to help them share their knowledge and their craft with our growing community. We exist because they exist.”

They put us in touch with a LOT of smaller growers and manufacturers, and they also help us get Lindies Kitchen out to the masses. We’re excited to work with them.


Northern Craft Cannabis Logo

Some local friends of ours

The Cannabis Collective

The Cannabis Collective has some cool merch, and some great product! They share space with our own Lindies Kitchen, and we’re glad to have them as a partner.

The Cannabis Collective logo

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